go-live updates & timetable

On February 8th 2021 the BRCGS Directory will be upgraded to a next generation replacement.

As we progress throughout development toward go-live this page will provide regular updates, FAQs and key-date information as and when available.

This page was last updated; Jan 3rd 2021

If your query is not covered on this page, or you require further information, please contact submissions@brcgs.com


Switchover milestones and dates

Pre migration

Training materials available - now

New audit documents released - November 30 2020

Certification Body action required

Declare sub/remote office address & contact details - January 2021

Declare user accounts required - January 2021

Migration Period

(all dates and durations yet to be defined)

Final date for new auditor profile creation in the 'old' Directory - Jan 1st 2021

Final date for auditor profiile category additions in the old Directory - Jan 1st  

Audit submission freeze - estimated Friday 29th Jan

Holding area closure - estimated Friday 29th Jan

In progress & in revision audits resolved - estimated Friday 29th Jan


Existing Directory becomes inaccessible - estimated Friday 29th Jan

New Directory made available for audit submissions and auditor profile amendments - estimated Monday 8th Feb


Updated intermitently as new queries are raised or previous answers updated

Q1: Will there be new audit report templates for the new Directory?

A; Yes; New report templates for all Standards have been issued to certification body's and are available from the existing Directory

Q2; Will the audit report templates we use today work in the new Directory?

A; No. However the new templates will work in both the old and the new Directory

Q3; Will Insight still be available?

A; Yes. There may be a brief interruption of service as the platform is reconfigured for the new Directory, however this is not expected to be prolonged

Q4; Do we have to recreate all our auditors in the new Directory?

A; No – auditor profiles will be migrated to the new Directory. However there will be a period of time where new profile creation and amendments to existing profiles is suspended to allow data-preparation for the move

Q5; When is API / cross-platform synchronisation available

A; We expect API connectivity to be available soon after go-live. The basis & scope for API projects has yet to be defined

Q6; Will my existing user credentials work in the new Directory?

A; Prior to go-live BRCGS will ask all Certification Bodies to declare which user accounts should be recreated (& if any additional accounts) in the new Directory. New passwords will be required for all users

Q7: If there is a period where the Directory is unavailable during switchover, will this be recognised in KPI assessments?

A; Yes, where submissions cannot be administrated due to Directory down-time only

Q8; How are suppliers being notified of this change?

A; Suppliers will be informed of the switchover via username and logo fulfilment and by email bulletins sent daily to sites with audits due

Q9; Will previously set up audit sharing relationships be recognised in the new Directory?

A; Yes

Q10: Will the public Directory remain?

A; Yes; the publicly accessible Directory listing Certification Bodies and certificated sites will be superseded by a modernised replacement